Stopping triggers and expanding options

Introvision coaching effortlessly stops situations, tasks, and/or relationships from triggering counter-productive thoughts, anxieties, fears, and avoidance strategies. As a result, you experience a renewed freedom to feel, act, and change the way you want to – without stress. The best description of the history and effectivity of Introvision coaching here on the Introvision Association website. (currently only in German) 

challenges, anxieties and fears

The challenge of dealing with unproductive thoughts, anxieties, and fears is common to all. Introvision coaching is for every one whose flight | fight | freeze | please reactions and avoidance mechanisms tell them something is wrong when trying to do something, deal with particular individuals, or achieve specific learning and life outcomes.  Common Introvision Coaching issues include:

  • Stress and Burnout
  • Leadership conflicts
  • Inappropriate behaviour and tendencies
  • Reduced performance, creativity and motivation
  • Personal crises, e.g. lack of self-confidence
  • Acute conflicts with one-self, others, and situations

WORLDWIDE, Transparent, and confidental

Introvision coaching usually consists of two to three two-hour sessions one to three weeks apart. The process is recorded in MP3 so that you make progress on your own anytime, anywhere. We can work in person or virtually anywhere in the world, in any timezone: safe, secure, discrete, and environmentally friendly.